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Association of European Conjuncture Institutes

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The meeting will take place Thursday, 11 February 2021, 14.00-16.00 Hours, via WebEx.  

For information and registration please contact Lisa Neumann <lisa.neumann@ifw-kiel.de>

The AIECE Autumn meeting will take place in Brussels on November 14-15.

The AIECE Working Group on Longer-term Issues and Structural Change will meet on Friday afternoon May 10 2019 in the context of the spring Gerneral Meeting. The invitation can be downloaded here (members only)

AIECE - Association Of European Conjuncture Institutes


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"The AIECE is an association of independent economic research  institutes set up in 1957 to facilitate exchange on the economic outlook and economic policies in Europe. In 2019 the Association groups 40 members or observing institutes, representing 19 countries and 5 international organizations."     » read more